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Academician Wu Yiling won the honorary title of "national great doctor · special salute"

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We should set an example for doctors, lead the public opinion of respecting doctors, and promote people's health. On August 9, 2019, the third national famous doctor ceremony was held in people's daily. Academician Wu Yiling won the honorary title of "national great doctor · special salute".


"National famous doctor ceremony" is an annual "doctor academic activity" sponsored by people's daily and health times, supported and participated by people's daily and its affiliated media. Based on the principle of "authority, objectivity and justice", the activity aims to form a policy, mechanism, public opinion, academic and social environment to promote the growth of China's famous doctors through the activity carrier, stimulate the endogenous motivation and professional respect of doctors to be famous doctors, and help the healthy China strategy. The list of national famous doctors includes four honorary titles: national famous doctor, special salute, national famous doctor, outstanding achievements, national famous doctor, excellent demeanor and young new and cutting-edge. It shows the doctors who have outstanding clinical work, good reputation of patients and significant contribution to scientific research. Academician Wu Yiling was awarded the honorary title of national great doctor and special honorary title.

Professor Wu Yiling, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, is the founder and leader of traditional Chinese collateral disease. Yiling hospital in Hebei Province, founded by him, is a modern comprehensive third-class public welfare hospital with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Under the guidance of collateral disease theory, it has unique clinical advantages in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases and a variety of clinical difficult diseases. It is listed as the national regional diagnosis and treatment center of traditional Chinese medicine and the national traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment center. Experimental unit of clinical cooperation between Chinese and Western medicine for major and difficult diseases of the drug administration. Under the guidance of collateral disease theory, Academician Wu Yiling has developed 10 national patent new drugs, including Tongxinluo capsule for the treatment of ischemic cardio cerebrovascular disease, Shensong Yangxin Capsule for the treatment of arrhythmia, Qiliqiangxin capsule for the treatment of chronic heart failure, Lianhuaqingwen capsule for the treatment of cold and influenza, Jinlida granule for the treatment of diabetes, Yangzhengxiaoji capsule for the treatment of tumor, etc. Five of them are listed in the national basic drug catalog, which provides the patients with effective new drugs.
Academician Wu Yiling adheres to the tenet of "great medical sincerity, great medical practice", with his rigorous academic attitude and careful diagnosis and treatment of patients. He said: "as a contemporary Chinese medicine, we should be proficient in traditional literature, innovate the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, be familiar with scientific research methods, and adhere to the clinical front line for a long time." whenever he saw the smile of critical patients getting better, he felt extremely gratified.
Academician Wu Yiling established the integrated development mode of "theory clinical new medicine industry teaching", established the National Key Research Office of collateral disease research and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, presided over two national 973 Program projects as chief scientist, undertook more than 40 national major projects, won four second prizes of national science and technology progress, one second prize of national technology invention, he Liang He Li prize and many others. Provincial and ministerial awards. Academician Wu Yiling has made great contributions to promoting the academic development, modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and has been awarded as "the power to promote the industry forward · top ten outstanding medical contribution experts", "40 years meritorious expert of network research" and "chief expert of scientific and technological innovation of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine". Academician Wu Yiling attached great importance to the development of big health industry and made great efforts to promote the important role of traditional Chinese medicine in the health China strategy. He was named as "top 10 medical figures in health China".
This year's national famous doctor ceremony is composed of 113 academic committees composed of outstanding presidents from top three hospitals in China, senior experts from national societies or branches who hold major leadership positions, and top ten discipline leaders in the national comprehensive ranking of specialty, to promote the list of national famous doctors. A total of 400 leaders from relevant national management departments, academicians and domestic leaders of various disciplines attended the ceremony and jointly witnessed the release of the list.