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Public welfare travel for people to know about cold and flu prevention

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According to official data released by the National Health Commission, the number of people infected with influenza in 2018 was 768291, with a total of 154 deaths due to influenza. In January 2019 alone, the number of influenza cases exceeded 600000, and the number of deaths was almost the same as that of the whole year of 2018, more than three times that of 2017. According to the data of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, only in the first five months of 2019, the number of reported cases of influenza has reached 1.77 million, more than the total number of reported cases in the past four years.


Joint initiative of Zhong Nanshan and other three Academicians

"Flu should be treated early"

On September 6, 2019, on the eve of the high incidence of influenza in winter, the activity of "knowing the common cold, preventing influenza - Public Science Popularization" jointly sponsored by Zhong Nanshan, Wang Chen and Gao Fu, three famous experts in respiratory disease and influenza in China, academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences, opened in Wuhan, and was launched at the respiratory branch of Chinese Medical Association - 2019 academic conference. The three academicians, together with many domestic medical experts, industry veterans and domestic mainstream media, jointly advocated that "the common cold should be paid attention to, and the influenza should be treated early", so as to appeal to more public to pay attention to the common cold and the prevention and control of influenza, and reduce the harm caused by influenza.
Influenza is very dangerous: 1 person dies of influenza every 48 seconds in the world
At the beginning of 2018, a "Beijing middle age under the flu" triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. The author witnessed his father-in-law's death due to a small cold in just one month. In January 2019, an emergency doctor shared a real case. Due to his family's ignorance of the flu and lack of proper treatment, an old man had only 13 days from fever to death...
We are no stranger to this situation. When the flu is serious, children are physically affected, schools are generally closed, hospital clinics are lined up with long queues, No. 1 is hard to find, and so on. This series of chain reactions will cause public panic.
Influenza has become a global threat, not just in China.
According to a group of data disclosed in the "2019 seasonal influenza prevention and control strategy academic exchange", the global annual influenza incidence rate of adults can reach 5% - 10%, and that of children can reach as high as 20%. This means that in the flu season, one in 10 adults and one in five children will get the flu. And flu outbreaks occur every 10 to 40 years. Influenza has created a serious health and economic burden worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, the global influenza can cause 650000 deaths every year, equivalent to one person died of influenza every 48 seconds.


共同启动“知感冒 防流感”全民科普公益行


In view of this, academicians Zhong Nanshan, Wang Chen and Gao Fu, as well as the authoritative experts of China's respiratory science, jointly launched the activity of "knowing the common cold, preventing influenza - public science popularization for all", calling on the whole people to pay attention to influenza and reduce the harm. Professor Liu Youning, a famous respiratory medicine expert in China and chairman of infectious diseases Committee of China Medical Education Association, and Professor Wang Dayan, National Influenza Center of virus prevention and Control Institute of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, also participated in the launching ceremony, and jointly advocated with three academicians: "pay attention to the early treatment of influenza when catching a cold".


Weak public awareness: data show that 80% of respondents can't distinguish between flu and cold



Academician Zhong Nanshan pointed out that the flu is so serious, which is closely related to the public's lack of awareness of the flu, the confusion between the common cold and the flu, and the idea that "one shoulder will pass". Influenza is an infectious disease with a wide range of impacts. Even ordinary influenza can cause life risks. Therefore, we should strengthen our understanding of influenza every year.
From July to August 2019, minenet and Lianhua Qingwen capsule launched a large-scale network survey of public cold cognition, which also reflected this problem. Among the nearly 160000 respondents, 80% said they could not distinguish between common cold and influenza, among which the male group was more than the female group, and the younger the age was, the lower the cognition of influenza was; 69% of the respondents chose to "carry one shoulder" after having cold symptoms, among which the male group was more than the female group, and the age group under 18 had the lowest awareness of timely medication, followed by the 36-45-year-old group.
At the meeting, academician Zhong specially called on the disease control departments, scientific research departments and medical workers in China to invest more in the popularization and publicity of influenza, actively participate in "knowing the common cold, preventing the influenza - the public welfare of popular science", improve the people's health thinking level, actively prevent and control the influenza, and protect the health of the people.