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Yiling pharmaceutical won CCTV's title of "70th anniversary brand of the founding of new China"

date:2017-08-31 source:
On October 15, hosted by CCTV "big country brand" and China Advertising Association, the "70th anniversary Brand Summit of the founding of new China" was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Yiling pharmaceutical, together with Huawei, Yili, Coca Cola, shounong group and other famous enterprises, was awarded the honor of "70th anniversary brand of the founding of new China".

It is understood that this grand ceremony was jointly built by CCTV "the cultivation of big country brand" and China Advertising Association to show the world the outstanding demeanor of China brand national team and jointly promote the great rise of China brand. The event is a collection of 70 Chinese brands with the most social contribution, aiming to highlight the vitality of Chinese brands and promote economic development with brand power.

Mr. Guo Shuanggeng, director and brand leader of Yiling pharmaceutical, was invited to attend the summit and made a speech as a representative of the enterprise. He said that China is a brand power, but not a brand power. There are many mountains and few peaks. The key to the brand is the product quality, the culture accumulated by the brand and the shining story behind the brand. The brand should not be changed in a flash, but be like a diamond forever. Far away! Wish CCTV platform to achieve the brand diamond dream of Yiling pharmaceutical.

In the course of 70 years of great rejuvenation, countless brands have embarked on the road of exploration and development, from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. Yiling pharmaceutical industry stands out in the tide of striving!
From the beginning of entrepreneurship in 1992 to today's glorious course, Yiling pharmaceutical attaches great importance to multi-level, multi angle and multi form brand construction, all media communication company brand, product brand, social brand and academic brand, and puts brand communication at the height of enterprise management strategy. The company's brand identification system is scientific and complete, and the brand identification and enterprise communication activities are connected in an orderly manner. Strong ability of market development, market occupation and profit acquisition. In recent years, Yiling pharmaceutical has successively won national key high-tech enterprises, top 10 modern brands of Chinese medicine enterprises, top 10 brands of Chinese traditional medicine products, top 20 listed companies of Chinese medicine, top 10 national brand enterprises of Chinese traditional medicine, top 100 brand enterprises of Chinese medicine, 2018-2019 all media communication system construction and excellent brand communication unit, he With the honorary titles of top ten pharmaceutical enterprises in North Province and brand building demonstration units in Hebei Province, Yiling trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark in China.


In the new era of "Internet +", Yiling pharmaceutical company makes full use of the Internet, develops new media, strengthens itself from the media, and builds all media matrix including the company's official website, WeChat, micro-blog, and the media, so as to enhance the communication power and influence of the enterprise brand, and create a good corporate image. After years of brand cultivation, Yiling pharmaceutical has formed a strong brand competitive advantage in terms of scientific and technological innovation, drug quality, social responsibility and other aspects, and established a good brand awareness and reputation.