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Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsules

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   Read this leaflet carefully, and take this medicine under the doctor or  pharmacists’ direction

  [Drug Name]

  Generic name: Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsules

  Chinese Pinyin: Yangzheng Xiaoji Jiaonang

  [Ingredients] Milkvetch Root, Glossy Privet Fruit, Ginseng, Zedoray  Rhizome, Glossy Ganoderma, Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb, Largehead Atractylodes  Rhizome(stir-baked), Barbated Skullcup Herb, Spreading Hedyotis Herb, Indian  Bread, Ground Beetle, Chicken’s Gizzard-skin, Indian Mockstrawberry Herb,  Bittersweet Herb, Virgate Wormwood Herb (mianyinchen), Paniculate Swallowwort  Root.

  [Description] Capsules, containing brown powder; odor, aromatic; taste,  bitter and astringent.

  [Functions and Indications] Fortify the spleen and tonify kidney, resolve  stasis and detoxicate. Used as adjuvant therapy for primary liver cancer due to  dual deficiency of the spleen and kidney, internal obstruction of stasis toxin,  which were not suitable for operation. Combined with transcatheter hepatic  arterial chemoembolization, conduce to raise efficacy of interventional   chemotherapy, reduce the toxic effect to the white blood cells, liver function  and hemoglobin; improve patients’ quality of life, ameliorate epigastrium  distending pain, torpid intake and poor appetite, lassitude of spirit and lack  of strength, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, sloppy stool , pains.

  [Strength] 0.39 g/capsule

  [Administration and Dosage] For oral administration, 4 capsules once, 3  times daily.

  [Adverse Reactions] Unclear.

  [Contraindications] Unclear.

  [Precautions] Please protect from moisture after opening the moisture proof  bag.

  [Pharmacology and toxicology] Primary pharmacodynamics test showed that: it  has inhibitory action to transplanted tumor S180, hepatic carcinoma HAC solid  tumor and Lewis lung cancer in mice; It has inhibitory action to human liver  cancer SMMC7721 transplanted in nude mice; Combined with low-dose   chemotherapeutic drugs, it shows increased efficiency on inhibition of the  growth of sarcoma S180 in mice; Promote proliferation of spleen lymphocyte in  tumor-bearing mice, NK cell activity and formation of IL-2. It can increase the  level of leukopenia induced by cyclophosphamide in mice.

  [Storage] Preserve in tightly closed containers.

  [Package] Aluminium-plastic package, 36 capsules/box.

  [Shelf-life] 30 months

  [Executive standard] Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010, volumeⅠ.

  [Approval No.] GYZZ Z20040095


  Company name: Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  Manufacture address: No.238 Tianshan street, New and high development area,  Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.

  Post code: 050035

  Tel: 800 8038581 +86 311 85901719 400 8165108

  Fax: +86 311 85901719

  Registration Address: No.238 Tianshan street, New and high development  area, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.



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