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Jinlida Granules

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   Please read this leaflet carefully and use this medicine under pharmacists’  direction.

  [Drug name]

  Generic name: Jinlida Granules

  Chinese pinyin: Jinlida keli

  [Ingredients] Ginseng, Solomonseal Rhizome, Atractylodes Rhizome  (stir-baked), Lightyellow Sophora Root, Dwarf Lilyturf Turber, Rehmannia Root,  Prepared Fleeceflower Root, Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit, Indian Bread,  Fortune Eupatorium Herb, Golden Thread, Common Anemarrhena Rhizome,  Epimedium(stir-baked), Danshen Root, Thomson Kudzuvine Root, Lychee Seed,  Chinese Wolfberry Root-bark

  [Description] Yellowish brown granules; odour, slightly aromatic; taste,  slightly bitter.

  [Functions and Indications] Tonify qi and nourish yin, fortify the spleen  and transport fluid-humor. It is used for deficiency of both qi and yin of type  II diabetes with the symptoms of thirst with polydipsia, swift digestion with  rapid hungering, polyuria, leanness, fatigue and lack of strength; spontaneous  sweat and night sweat; vexing heat in the chest, palms and soles; constipation  and etc..

  [Strength] 9g/pouch

  [Administration and Dosage] Take drenched. 1 pouch once, 3 times daily.  Take a therapy period of 8 weeks constantly, or under supervision of physician.  If the patients were taking western medicine, they could combine the western  medicine with this product, and adjust the dosage of western medicine as  appropriate, according to blood sugar level.

  [Adverse Reactions] Unclear

  [Contraindications] Keep from eating fat, sweet, strong taste and greasy  food.

  [Precautions] Be cautions about pregnant women; check blood sugar  regularly. [Pharmacology and Toxicology] Animal test showed that this drug can  reduce blood sugar and triglyceride in serum of diabetes rabbit model caused by  tetraoxypyrimidine; Lessen blood sugar of diabetes rats caused by  streptozotocin; Improve the sugar tolerance of normal rats; For diabetic rats  model induced by combination of streptozotocin and high-calorie diet, it can  decrease the level of blood sugar and insulin, and increase the in insulin   sensitivity index. Inhibit carrageenin induced rat paw edema, reduce the ear  swelling of mice caused by isomeric xylenes; Delay the reaction time on the hot  plate and increase the pain threshold of mice, and delay the swimming time of  the mice.

  [Storage] Preserve in tightly closed containers, protected from moisture,  stored in a cool and dry place (≤20℃).

  [Package] Compound membrane pouch. 9 pouches/box.

  [Shelf life] 36 months.

  [Executive Standard] State Food and Drug Administration Standard  YBZ30982005-2010Z

  [Approval No.] GYZZ Z20050845


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