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   【Ingredients】 Common Andrographis Herd. With starch and sodium  carboxymethyl starch for adjuvant.

  【Description】 Filmlok, it is dust color or brown after remove film-coat,  bitter taste.

  【Functions and Indications】 Heat-clearing and detoxicating. Indicate for  swelling of throat and sore in mouth.

  【Administration and Dosage】 Orally. 2-3 tablets for once, 3-4 times per  day.


  1. Ban to tobacco and alcohol, oily food and hot taste food.

  2. Ban to affection of exotenous wind-cold patients who have cerchnus,  pharyngalgia, fever and rhinorrhea with clear discharge.

  3. You should see the doctor in time if you have celostomia, sore-throat  and other symptoms (cardiopalmus, chest distress, begma etc.).

  4. Take the tablet follow the administration and dosage, Children should be  under supervision of a physician.

  5. You should see the doctor in time if the common symptoms are not  improved in three days or the temperature raised or other symptoms.

  6. Ban to take if the description is changed.

  7. Children should take the medicine under supervision of adults.

  8. Please preserver and make sure the kids can not touch it.

  9. If taking the other medicine, please under supervision of a physician  before take this tablet.

  【Specification】 0.26g/filmlok, 0.105g Common Andrographis Herd per  tablet.

  【Storage】 Preserve in tightly closed containers.

  【Package】 Plastic bottle, 80tablets/bottle.

  【Approval No.】 GYZZ Z20043275

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