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   【Main Ingredients】Ginaton.

  【Description】Filmlok, it is yellowish-brown or brown after remove  film-coat, bitter taste.

  【Functions and Indications】Promoting the flow of blood, removing blood  stasis and dredging the meridian passage. Indicate for thoracic obstruction,  cardialgia, palsy, hemiplegia, stiffen of the tongue due to obstruction of  collaterals by blood stasis; stable angina of CAD and cerbral infarction with  above symptoms.

  【Administration and Dosage】Oral. 2 tablets for once, 3 times a day; or  under supervision of a physician.

  【Adverse Reactions】Individual patient may feel stomach discomfort after  taking the medicine.

  【Contraindications】Hyperergic patient to the medicine is forbidden taking  the medicine.

  【Precautions】Be careful to pregnant woman, cardia failure and Hyperergic  patient.

  【Specification】0.2g/tab. ( flavonol 9.6mg, terpenoid lactone 2.4mg)

  【Storage】Preserve in tightly closed containers

  【Package】Packed with aluminum and plastic plate, 24cap./box.

  【Term of validity】 18 months

  【Approval No.】GYZZ B20063084

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