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Naodesheng Tablets

date:2017-08-30 source:36氪

   【Ingredients】Sanchi, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Safflower, Kudzuvine Root,  Hawthorn Fruit.

  【Description】 Filmlok, it is yellow brown after remove film-coat, bitter  taste.

  【Functions and Indications】 Promoting the flow of blood and removing blood  stasis, dredging the meridian passage. Indicate for dizzy and palsy due to  obstruction of collaterals by blood stasis, symptom: limbs limited, words  impeded and dizzy; CAS, palsy of IDEM effect and brain hemorrhage resid with  above symptoms.

  【Administration and Dosage】Oral. , 6 tablets; 3 times per day.

  【Specification】0.35g / tab.

  【Storage】Preserve in tightly closed containers

  【Package】Packed with aluminum and plastic plate, 36tab./box.

  【Term of validity】 18 months

  【Approval No.】GYZZ B20063550

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