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Tongbianling Capsules

date:2017-08-31 source:36氪

   【Ingredients】 Senna Leaf, Chinese Angelica, Desertliving Cistanche.

  【Description】 Capsule, The content is pitchy powder with slight smell and  bitter salty taste.

  【Category Of Effect】 OTC for constipation.

  【Function and Indications】 Clearing away the heat and purgation for  stagnancy, loosening bowel to relieve constipation. Indicate for accumulation of  heat to constipation, long-term bed constipation, abdominal distension  constipation in short time, elderly habitual constipation.

  【Contraindications】 Ban to pregnant woman.


  1. Ban to raw, cold, pungent and greasy foodstuffs.

  2. You should see the doctor in time if the symptoms are not improved,  aggravated or other symptoms emerged.

  3. Be careful for the body of hypersensitiveness in use.

  4. The kids, elderly or weakling patient should be under supervision of a  physician.

  5. Ban to taking if the description is changed.

  6 Children should take the medicine under supervision of adults.

  7 Please preserver and make sure the children can not touch it.

  8 If taking the other medicine, please under supervision of a physician  before take this capsule.

  【Administration and Dosage】Oral. , 5-6 cap.; 1 times per day.

  【Specification】0.25g / capsule

  【Storage】Preserve in tightly closed containers

  【Package】Packed with plastic bottle, 30cap./bottle.

  【Term of validity】 18 months

  【Approval No.】GYZZ Z20043364

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