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Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets

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   【Ingredients】 Heterophylly Falsesatarwort Root, Dried Tangerine peel,  Common Yan Rhizome, Malt (baked), Hawthorn Fruit, Sucrose for adjuvant.

  【Description】 Buffy tablet; Sweet-smelling, sweet and sour taste.

  【Category Of Effect】 OTC for apocleisis.

  【Function and Indications】 Invigorating stomach and promoting digestion.  Indicate for weakness of the spleen and stomach, and dyspepsia.

  【Administration and Dosage】 Oral. , 4-6 tablets for once, 3 times a  day.


  1. Ban to raw, cold and pungent foodstuffs.

  2. Indicate for dyspepsia and splenic asthenia of adults, reduced the  dosage for children, 2-3 tab. for once, 3 times a day. Grind down for the  patient who do not swallow tablets.

  3. If the symptoms of apositia are not improved in one week and emesia or  stomachache, please see the physician in time.

  4. Please following administration and dosage.

  5. Ban to taking if the description is changed.

  6. Children should take the medicine under supervision of adults.

  7. Please preserver and make sure the children can not touch it.

  8. If taking the other medicine, please under supervision of a physician  before take this capsule.

  【Specification】 0.5g/tab.

  【Storage】 Preserve in tightly closed containers.

  【Package】Packed with aluminum and plastic plate, 40s./box

  【Term of validity】 2 years

  【Approval No.】

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